Sponsor An Expedition


Sponsoring an expedition can be a great way to promote your organisation, product or service.


I am constantly planning new adventures. If you would like to sponsor an upcoming expedition or have a challenge in mind then I would love to hear from you.


Drop me an email to discuss any ideas and let’s see what we can cook up.  

Test Your Gear


If you have a product or provide a service which you feel would be useful to real people who love travel and adventure then let a member of my trusted team put it to the test. We will only provide or write honest reviews - if we love it we'll tweet about it, rave about it and recommend it. If we're not sure we will suggest improvements to you discretely. 


If you run expeditions or tours yourself your welcome to invite me along and. I’ll happily write up a story on your behalf.

Put your gear to the test -

Contact Doinit 

Make A Donation


I run this website to help inspire people to travel and see the world - all without the need for them to have to give up there day job - like me.


Of course running this website does have its costs. If you like what I am doing then you're welcome to make a donation to the site. This may cover hosting, coffee, equipment or just buy me a beer. 

Lets get social...

If you have enjoyed this page I would really appreciate a share or a tweet to your friends/followers.  

Know Before You Go


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