Maz Marek Nusl

Duration: 1 day for the hike about 4 day drive to get there  

Cost:  NA

When: Summer

Doinit Factor: This is pretty wow! Not the highest but one of the most magical mountains

The final push to the top (DN)

Maz Marek Nusl
Maz Marek Nusl
Maz Marek Nusl

The final push to the top (DN)

"I bombard them with questions. Will you be open? Do I need a reservation? How much will a night cost? Shall I bring a sleeping bag? How do I get to Imlil from the airport?" 

Lake Districk 

It should go without saying that good walking footwear is essential. Ideally carry a backpack with layers of clothing. It will get very cold at night particularly when waiting for the sun to rise at the summit. However, upon returning, the temperatures increase dramatically. Take a bottle of water and bring your wallet as you can replenish your supplies in the many shacks up the mountain. Finally, and surprising often neglected by many visitors, if climbing by night, BRING A TORCH.

A selection of pictuers from our journey

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