Authors of each article are listed – in most cases it’s me.  A massive thank you those people who have proof read various articles.  


Throughout the website I have done my best to acknowledge some of the lovely photographs taken by my travel companions. Photos are credited as follows: (BS) Ben Starkin, (DN) Dan Nusl, (EB) Emma Bradbury, (JL) Jiri Letak, (LW) Lee Welsh, (MC) Marshal Chupa, (MN) Maz Nusl, (SW) Steve W, (MR) Markus Ruzicka, (RJ) Ryan Herlihy.  


Doinit is the personal adventure travel magazine for the independent minded travel who loves travel, especially when it takes you off the beaten path. Very new, small and still a bit rough around the edges it's aim is to inspire people to venture into the world and see, do and experience everything that’s out there. As we grow we’ll be featuring some incredible adventures to some amazing destinations, all perfectly feasible undertakings which shouldn’t break the bank and won’t require you asking your boss for excessive amounts of leave.


The concept of Doinit is the creation of ‘Maz’ Marek Nusl, who juggles a full time marketing job, his adventures and now this website. However if it weren’t for a small group people these articles would not have made it on to your screens. A massive thank you to everyone who's helped.



Maz Marek Nusl

Maz Marek Nusl, Chief Doer

Marketing specialist by day, keen adventurer by night (not literally). Maz has created ‘Doinit’ and is now a brand ambassador for Rail Riders adventure clothing. His passions are mountains, getting of the beaten track and road trips. Lover of beer and girly cocktails.  


If you have a story about an adventure you'd like to share with the public then feel free to get in touch and get published. I am particularly keen to hear from amateur adventure folk with full time jobs but just can't stop craving adventure. 

Dan Nusl,  Doer

Travel bug infected Dan works in sales. He is obsessed with weird and creepy places. His idea of adventure heaven is to go to places like North Korea, Somalia and Chernobyl. Sucker for Chinese Food and Havana 7 Year Rum.